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What is the Zoom platform?

The Zoom platform is an integrated project management and outsourcing solution. Whether you are looking for a single freelancer or for a team to complete a multi-phase project, the Zoom platform has the flexibility to make your project a reality. 

Blockchain Identity

Smart contracts

Fast Payments

International Markets

Token sale
Reward Pool
Future Funding

Utility of the Zoom Token

The Zoom Token has four main utilities. 
Firstly, using the token in transactions and projects on the platform results in lower fees than paying with for instance Ethereum, large projects and repeat customers are thereby incentivized to use the token for transactions. 

Contractors may also be paid commissions for using partner products in projects, and these payments are in Zoom Tokens.

Further, using tokens for purchases on the platform makes users eligible for unique discounts. 

Lastly, paying for premium placement of advertisements and platforms happen in ZTC. 

With these uses in place,  that Users, Partners and Zoom become part of an ecosystem using the token.

Our Team

Plamen Nedyalkov


Experienced Real Estate developer with more than twenty years. Co-Founder Atlantis Bulgaria Holding. Project Manager at Atlantis Project Ltd- Architecture and Interior Design

Reidar Nordli


Reidar have more than twenty years of experience with ship construction and have been managing complex shipbuilding projects for the last twelve years in many different countries.
Angel investor and real-estate developer

Ivan Nedyalkov


14 years project manager in a family construction business enterprise, and for 10 years now the current Executive Director and Managing Partner of ABH Holding Company in the field of Real Estate, Services and  Finance.

Simen Reynolds


Simen is a business developer and solutions architect from Blockchangers, and has previous experience from sales, business development and nanoscience. 

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